Daniel Tan is the Founder of iwantCUSTOMGIFT  , iSMART and the award winning product for its 1st Wireless Mousepad in 2019 with its Product Innovation Excellence . 


He has been in the  corporate gifts industry for the past 10 years and has been continously coming up with new and interesting products that aim in solving the problems of our every day lives. 

He created Singapore corporate Gifts Show which is the 1st content base show that gives viewers a better understanding and content that they need before making their decision. 

Educate , Enrich and Entertained

Singapore Corporate Gifts Show should give a better understanding and deeper insights before they proceed with their decision moving forward with their sourcing and procurement.

the right expert

Special Talkshows That Experts and Professionals in their fields that give you the right knowledge , know hows and tips base on the commonly face problems and asked questions in the society. 

the right review

Reviewing Products to see if they are the right fit and of the right quality before giving them the final verdict and rating on how they stand on our scale

the right offer

Brings Your Special Offers and Corporate discounts so you dont need a big team or company to enjoy corporate discounts and rates.